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Modern Living Room

Photography Services

My offer

Wäscheservice Produkt Set

outdoor photography

With an unmistakable style

Choose this service when you want to showcase the exterior beauty of a building in a clear, simple, yet engaging way. Photographer Peter Obermair always keeps an eye on lighting and perspective as essential factors for a perfect picture. If you have any further questions or would like to make an appointment, please get in touch.

Produkt Shooting Set

Photo post-processing

professional service

Ever since I took my first photo - a still life - I knew that I had found my calling in architectural photography. Photo post-processing is one of my most popular offers - highest quality at a fair price. In addition, as with all my offers, it is possible to order high-resolution prints in various sizes and formats.

Modern Bedroom

Interior photography

Everything you need

When shooting, photographer Peter Obermair aims to capture the atmosphere and emotions in the subjects. All images are supplied in high resolution; they make the motif something unforgettable that you like to share. If you would like to learn more about this or see examples of my interior photography, please get in touch.

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